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MIYC hosts three regattas each year: the MIYC Regatta for big boats, the MIYC Junior Regatta for sailors under 18, and the MIYC Frostbite Regatta.



MIYC  Regatta

Results for 2013     Scratch Sheet

Results for 2012

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MIYC Junior Regatta

Results for 2013 420 and Opti Regatta




MIYC Frostbite Regatta

MIYC hosts the Mason's Island Yacht Club Frostbite Regatta on January 1st.  The races are conducted in Dyer Dhows provided by the Mystic Seaport.  There are usually 15 to 20 brave souls who agree to venture out in the cold each New Year's Day and try their hand at frostbiting.  MIYC has a long history of frostbiting,  starting in the 1930s.


The race was not held in 2013.


Race Results for 2011


Keep well to the west of N2 off Enders Island to avoid the reef.